From Journey to Legacy

Mine the Gold In Your Bad-Ass Life Stories

Let your loved ones know who you really are.

Everyone has fascinating stories – yes, this includes YOU!!

But something is stopping you from writing about them.

I get it.

You don’t see yourself as a writer.

You don’t think your life was that interesting.

Or maybe you think you’re stories are too “out there” and not sure you want to share them.

Your life matters.

Rediscover yourself.

Let’s write your memoirs.

Hi, I’m Joanna Klein

Legacy Coach, Speaker, Teacher and Creator & Leader of Women’s Empowerment Workshops.

I’m committed to helping you discover how extraordinary you really are.

You’ll know and appreciate yourself more deeply.

You’ll love the legacy you have created thus far.

My biggest inspiration for Journey to Legacy is my sister, Laurie, who, at the age of 67, was told unexpectedly that she had 3 months to live due to a rare form of cervical cancer.  She died the day after her son’s wedding and now has a granddaughter, Maddy, and grandson due in May who will never truly know her.  Laurie was a hero who left this earth without a chance to share her stories and wisdom in a way that her grandchildren and their children will hear them.

“Since I’ve been writing about my life, I’ve been able to weave together a new set of opinions about myself in my world.”   Delia, Age 72

Imagine experiencing this as an adventure, a safe container of supportive, like-minded women where you receive help with the parts that seem hard and recognition for your successes.


You’ll be able to impact how others will remember you.


You’ll be excited to make it part of your weekly routine.


What’s Included

6 Live Monthly Calls

I will take you on a guided journey to uncover important moments from your past.


A Discovery Journal With Prompts

This will stimulate your memory and offer questions and options for your writings.


A Gorgeous Legacy Journal

This is where you’ll share selected writings from your Discovery Journal, if you choose.

private video interview

I’ll record & edit your video interview and help you prepare so you look fabulous!

3 One-on-One Sessions

You’ll receive three 45-minute calls with me for support in any area of the process.

Ongoing Support

You’ll be supported to completion through my “virtual” office hours, group commaderie and encouraging reminders.


We just kicked off a new session in May.  But if you’d like to be notified when the next one starts, join the waitlist!

What Others Say…

“Attending Joanna’s Sassy, Sexy & 60 Online Retreat convinced me of her professionalism. Since then I have participated in a 2-day, in person workshop she led and also have experienced her as a coach for our women’s circle.  She is intuitive, tells the truth in a loving way, is trustworthy, kind, understanding and smart.  I am impressed with her willingness to be vulnerable and authentic and her ability to stay pleasant and calm even when sharing painful stuff. Joanna has an outstanding skill to help women and is a wonderful contribution to society. She serves without her ego jumping in.  I have a great deal of admiration for her.”
Chloe, Age 75

Phoenix, AZ

“My first experience with Joanna was about 3 year ago at a 2-day workshop she led.  I learned various techniques to become more self-aware.  I  have been practicing these techniques ever since. It is so beneficial to my life in so many ways…primarily I have become a more authentic person.  This has helped me monumentally in my work life and in relationships.

My second experience was just recently when I took the 4-day workshop on Writing your Memoir.  I found so many tidbits of wisdom throughout the sessions.  Her presentation made me look more deeply into my past and question and explore some events and memories .

Joanna is a master at listening. I can feel her understanding as I speak. In her workshops she uses her personal experiences as examples, which puts things into a real life perspective and makes her “ one of us”.

Joanna is a very real person who is devoted to her work.  She is well thought out, professional and organized. I would recommend Joanna and her services without reservation.”

Terry, "Ageless"

San Luis Obispo, CA

“After attending her workshop, I choose to work with Joanna one-on-one because I felt it would be a gift and an asset.  I have done a lot of individual personal work and have experienced plenty of those rough seas, so I especially appreciate Joanna’s leadership style because she guides with strength, clarity and ease. I would recommend Joanna to women new to personal work, who would benefit greatly from her ability to skillfully introduce new material.   I would also recommend women who have had a lot of experience with personal work because it is less common for us to find powerful women who can meet us at our level of skill and self awareness.  I felt met by Joanna in my power. Joanna helped me create a new paradigm and helped me resolve some challenges effectively and positively.”

Heather, Age 54

Pt. Townsend, WA

Discover the Gold Nuggets in Your life

Honor and preserve your life story, memories and insights.

Create a priceless gift for loved ones



  • seeing a video interview of your grandmother as she shares about her greatest joy, the challenges she overcame, her dreams as a little girl, her deepest wish for her family.

  • reading short snippets that she wrote about her life, her earliest memory, her first love, her most embarrassing moment, her greatest joy, the day your mom or dad was born, and what she learned from some of her darkest moments.
  • feeling this deep connection to your ancestors, people you have heard of but never met.

Now envision: 

  • creating something to share with your children, grandchildren and their children – future generations who will recognize themselves in your stories.

  • standing on your ancestors’ shoulders, as you share a legacy for future generations of family who will be standing on yours.

  • recognizing the many ways your life has meaning and feeling clear about the wisdom you have to impart.

Join me on a sweet and tender journey through your past, capturing and writing about important moments, lessons learned, and the key ingredients that made you who you are today.

A Priceless Gift!

Journey to Legacy is an heirloom that will impact, influence and be cherished by friends and family for generations to come

Give it as a gift to yourself to appreciate your personal journey and own your place on this planet.

Give it as a special gift to your family (it will be done in time for the 2020 Holidays.)

Buy it as a gift for Mother’s Day.



What If I don't have anything important to say?

Oh sweetie, we have all experienced joy and pain. We have gained wisdom and lived through history in the making.  Journey to Legacy will help you discover how extraordinary you really are.

Will this take all of my time to complete?

No. The adventure is broken down into bite-sized pieces so that you can fit it in to your regular schedule.  It’s set up in such a way that you will look forward to focusing on it rather than dreading it, so the time you do dedicate to it will feel fulfilling.

What if I Don't Like Some of My Past?

We’ll help you make peace with some of the most challenging moments of your past and celebrate your strength and ability to rise above. And you ALWAYS have the choice of what you look at and what you share.

I'm Worried about others judging me for what I've been through. Should I still do this?

We’ll help you find ways to be safely authentic (so that loved ones can really know you), but you’re in complete control of what you share.

Do you have to be a good writer to do this?

The prompts, guided visualizations and workbook will make it easy and enjoyable.  And we’ll show you an alternative to writing, if you prefer.

On No! We Already Started!

But leave your email and I’ll let you know when early bird registration opens for the next session of From Journey To Legacy!