Your Life Is A Legacy

Explore it. Love it. Share it.

A unique and creative approach to sharing your life story.

Start Your Adventure Now

Imagine seeing a video interview of your great grandmother and then reading what she wrote about her life, her stories, her wisdom and dreams.

Now you can easily create this for your loved ones – a priceless heirloom that will impact, influence and be cherished by friends and family for generations to come.

It's fun & easy!

You’ll be guided through each step with prompts, a beautiful workbook, live classes, one-on-one sessions, and a private video interview of you.

In the end, the workbook will become your memoir and you can either print it or share it electronically.

No expensive publishing costs!  You’ll have the option to  share it as an electronic book or print a beautiful copy at your local copy center.

Nothing important to say?  Oh dear… we have all experienced joy and pain. We have gained wisdom and lived through history in the making. Share the Dream will help you uncover the stories your family will love to hear.

Not a “writer”?  The prompts, guided visualizations and workbook will make it easy and enjoyable.  And we’ll show you an alternative to writing, if you prefer.

Afraid to look back? We’ll help you make peace with some of the most challenging moments of your past and celebrate your strength and ability to rise above.

Fear of judgment?  We’ll help you find ways to be safely authentic (so that loved ones can really know you), but you’re in complete control of what you share.

You’ll be taken on a sweet and tender journey through your past, capturing and writing about important moments, lessons learned, and the key ingredients that made you who you are today.

A Priceless Gift!

The Share the Dream Legacy Package is a perfect gift for any special occasion (and will be done in time for the 2020 Holidays.)

Buy it for a parent or grand parent to share with you, your children, and their children…

Buy it as a gift for yourself to appreciate your personal journey.

What’s Included

8 Live Monthly Calls

Joanna will take you on a guided journey to uncover treasures from your past.


A Gorgeous Legacy Workbook

You’ll have the choice to use an electronic or print version.

Private facebook Group

You’ll have the opportunity for daily connection with fellow time travelers.

private video interview

We'll help with all the preparations to record, save and share your video.

3 One-on-One Sessions

You'll receive three 45-minute calls for support in any areas of the process.

Regular Check-Ins

We'll send you emails and text reminders to help you stay on track.

Enjoy the warm & fuzzy feeling of nostalgia.

Honor and preserve your life story, memories and insights.

Discover the gold nuggets of your life!

An Adventure

Travel Back in Time

You’ll be safely guided and prompted to recall significant points in your life, historical events and how they impacted you.

You’ll connect with yourself as a little girl, teenager & young adult.

You’ll feel joy and tenderness as you reminicse about special times, recall your innocence, laugh at you naivete.

Sharing My Big Dream

Joanna Klein

For over 30 years, I have been creating and leading programs to help people find meaning and purpose in their lives.  

By the end of this 8 month journey, you’ll feel  proud of what you have accomplished throughout your lifetime, aware of what you learned from your experiences, and hopeful to inspire current and future generations of loved ones.

And you will bundle it all together in a phenomenal package that will be cherished for years to come.


Joanna has an inspirational teaching style and makes the process easy to understand.  Plus she made this entire experience so much fun.  Her workshop helped me know and appreciate myself in new ways and made me feel proud of what I have to share with the wors


I have been thinking about writing my life story but didn’t know where to begin.  The Share The Dream Legacy Journey lays out a complete roadmap, makes the process so enjoyable and helped me to feel excited about what I had to share after reflecting on my life.  This experience is amazing!  I looked forward to the calls each month.


I bought this as a gift for my mother, knowing how much this would mean to my daughter and my future grandkids.  My mom was thrilled and it seemed to give her an added appreciation for her life. She seemed happier after it was done and we love what she created.


What to Expect

April 2020

We’ll start the journey by creating your imaginary time travel vehicle, getting a birds-eye view of your past, starting the process of  remembering the most significant and important moments.

May 2020
With the help of prompts and visualizations, you’ll focus on some of the highlights of your early years, recall family life, values and dynamics, consider religious influence, have a conversation with your younger self, have the opportunity to heal some old wounds, and voice some words of wisdom.
June 2020
As we travel through your teenager years, we’ll invite in nostalgia, explore values and beliefs during this time, social impacts, friendships and loves.
JULy 2020
Journeying through your young adult years, we’ll explore your focus and priorities, higher education, significant relationships, career, babies, ambition, finances.
august 2020
This month, we’ll consider your older adult years, delve further into career, challenges and joy of parenting, relationship with aging parents, your interests, hobbies, personal growth and priorities.

We’ll explore the current and historical events that impacted you, your understanding and experience of them, and what you learned.  

October 2020
In this session, we’ll help you prepare for your personal video interview,  how to look your best on camera and how to make it available for others to see.
November 2020
In this final session, we’ll pull it all together so that your legacy adventure is ready to be shared with loved one.

Family Heirloom

Your investment in the Share The Dream Legacy Package will result in a priceless and cherished heirloom for your loved ones for years to come.

Have you been thinking about writing your story, but weren’t sure how to begin?

Do you struggle to make meaning of your life?

Share the Dream makes the process easy, fun and meaningful.

You’ll be in charge of your experience as you revisit your past with the support and safety of a guided journey.

You’ll gain insights and awarenesses, and feel inspired to share your wisdom.

These eight months could change your life and may even help you discover who you really are!

Share The Dream Legacy Package

8 Live Monthly Guided Calls
A Beautiful Workbook with Prompts
3 One-on-One  Sessions
A Private Video Interview of You
Daily Inspiration and Connection in Private Facebook Group
Regular Email & Text Reminders & Encouragement
Hands-on Support with Technical options of the program
Links to Recordings of Guided Monthly Calls





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